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Mr. Arougheti oversaw an investment team that originated, managed and monitored a diverse portfolio of middle-market leveraged loans, senior and junior subordinated debt, preferred equity and common stock and warrants on behalf of RBC and other third-party institutional investors. Michael has a reported annual income of $100 - 149,999 and a current net worth value of greater than $250,000 - $499,999. He additionally serves as Co-Chairman of Ares Capital Corporation ("ARCC"), Co-Chairman of Ares Acquisition Corporation ("AAC") and as a director of Ares Commercial Real Estate Corporation ("ACRE"). Some people struggled figuring out how to be in that environment. So, there was something about the shift to remote work that I think broke down some of those barriers and forced people to open their lives up a little bit more to their colleagues. Ares Management CEO Michael Arougheti discusses consolidation in the asset management industry with Bloomberg's Erik Schatzker at the Bloomberg Invest virtual conference. Mr. Arougheti is a Co-Founder of Ares and the Chief Executive Officer and President, as well as a Director of Ares Management Corporation. Thats one of the unique things about businesses like ours. Ressler, an Ares . Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. The Sunset Islands have emerged as a top neighborhood in Miami Beach, especially amid the pandemic. And there are certain times when you have to lead from the back, letting others step up to drive the organization forward while you push it along and clean things up from the back. Three. All Rights Reserved. The move comes as Ares business becomes more complex and larger with $106bn assets under management in real estate, private equity and . Michael Arougheti, co-founder and CEO of Ares Management, joins "Squawk Box" by phone to discuss the markets and the unprecedented economic turmoil driven by the coronavirus outbreak. So there's a fundamentally different positioning when you manage private capital versus liquid capital. Arougheti: Yeah, so the good news is about being an alternative manager is we don't have to invest the dollars that our clients give us. And then there are a lot of times, which I think are the most powerful, when youre leading from inside, shoulder-to-shoulder with people. Really what wound up happening was our employees were awakened the onset of the pandemic, the increased empathy at work, the issues of societal justice around them. And therefore you're not going to see as much transaction volume as people manage their liquidity. That's not necessarily true for traditional 60/40 portfolios, when you have money, you have to express a view on what you think is the best opportunity in the market. I don't think that will end anytime soon. Todd Michael Glaser and Rony Seikaly developed the Sunset Island IV mansion and sold it to the Frankels. One of the reasons is we're one of the largest private credit managers 90% of our private credit exposures are floating rate. He additionally serves as Co-Chairman of Ares Capital Corporation (NASDAQ: ARCC) (ARCC) and as a director of Ares Commercial Real Estate Corporation (NYSE: ACRE) (ACRE). 84 Likes, 1 Comments - Michael Hollick (@mikehollick) on Instagram: "What an awesome week and celebration for my dads 70th So awesome to spend time with our family" Michael Arougheti Expand search. And the thing is, they did it so casually. Mr. Arougheti was instrumental in the growth of Ares. From media and technology to finance and real estate, leagues and teams across the globe have matured into far more than just back page entertainment. The estimated net worth of Michael J. Arougheti is at least $39.20 million as of November 10th, 2022. The Credit Group provides solutions for traditional fixed income investors seeking to access the syndicated bank loan and high yield bond markets and capitalize on opportunities across traded corporate credit. And I will never forget it. Mr. Arougheti owns 470,138 shares of Ares Management stock worth more than $39,200,106 as of February 9th. and I will never, forget that that conviction, of one Michael Arougheti. It's somewhat counter cyclical. And then it will, it will pick back up again. I think many managers got accustomed to very quick fundraisers and I think they got accustomed to fundraisers happening prior to return of money. Tampa Bay Rays co-owner sold it for over double his 2020 purchase price, 1635 West 22nd Street with Ares Management's Michael Arougheti and Randy Frankel (Michael Ruiz with LPG, Getty). So we're not only dealing with inflation, but we're now dealing with the impacts of a strong dollar globally, we still haven't quite gotten through the supply chain constraints that we're dealing with, and then overlay just for good measure of global, global conflict and energy crisis. When you think of yourself as a growth company, you manage yourself differently from a cultural and operational standpoint. That will help accelerate us on the other side of this. Mr. Arougheti is a Co-Founder of Ares and the Chief Executive Officer and President, as well as a Director of Ares Management Corporation. So we actually tend to see a consolidation of share and maybe counterintuitive and acceleration of capital that comes onto our platform to help navigate. I think Ive always intuitively known that, but Ive gotten more opportunities to test it. [BREAKING] New "Living Missile" to Replace Nuclear Missiles. Michael Arougheti:I think we have to talk about secular tailwinds in alternatives, and then maybe some of the cyclical tailwinds that we're seeing as well. Currently, Mr. Arougheti is Co-Chairman of Ares Acquisition Corp., President, Chief Executive Officer & Director at Ares Management Corp., Co-Chairman & Executive Vice President at Ares Capital Corp., Director, CEO & President at Ares Management LLC, President, Chief Executive Officer & Director at Ares Management GP LLC and Co-Chairman and Executive Vice President at Ares Management Corp (Private Equity) (which are all subsidiaries of Ares Management Corp.) and Senior Advisor at Volery Capital Partners LLC. But all of our leaders learned to support their people by opening their own lives up to them. CBS News Reports: "It's an entirely new type of weapon." Mr. Arougheti joined Royal Bank of Canada in October 2001 from Indosuez Capital, where he was a Principal and an Investment Committee member, responsible for originating, structuring and executing leveraged transactions across a broad range of products and asset classes. Mr. Arougheti received a B.A. (Source: Bloomberg) Because of what you did to help elevate me and my dreams, with Operation HOPE, and then later with the Promise Homes Company, you too get celebrated as a part of Black History Month. This tale of two cities is going to be the framework to think about the recovery. On average, Ares Management Corp executives and independent directors trade stock every 19 days with the average trade being worth of $9,916,050. (Patrick T. Fallon/Getty Images) 'Nobody is really prepared':. I think that if you talk to any leader of an organization, they would tell you that no matter how experienced they were or well prepared for every eventuality, nobody is really prepared for a global pandemic and all of the things that come with it. Miami-based House of One designed the interiors. I think they've got, you know, the increased challenge of the energy crisis and the strong dollar exacerbating the inflation picture for them. So I've been encouraged by that from an activity and deployment level. A gentle soul and bright spirit left us on Feb. 13 when Michael "Mike" Moulds, age 73, of Pierson, Michigan, passed away unexpectedly. Thats whether youre talking about the corporate economy or the consumer economy. Even to fail in doing that. Picker: So you've seen a full transition from the cost of goods we've seen, and things like fuel costs go down, lumber go down, other raw materials go down, shift to the cost of wages, which have, of course gone up, not keeping pace with inflation. People, of deep convictions. Ares Management, however, has been a beneficiary of the current environment. Sticker shock: Ranking South Floridas priciest residential rentals, Here are Chicago's top 10 construction permits issued in May. Liquidity pumped into the credit markets during the pandemic could stave off a spike in defaults for several years, Ares Management Corp. Chief Executive Officer Michael . Typically when you go through a crisis of this magnitude, its a little slower to recover in terms of the new-deal market, and it tends to be much more distressed. And that's obviously pretty attractive to an investor who's looking for certainty of yield. The case was due on Jan. 7, meaning the division had to . For me, as a leader, what it also highlighted was the importance of being transparent, empathetic, vulnerable. Ares Management Corporation (NYSE:NYSE:ARES) Q3 2021 Earnings Conference Call October 27, 2021 12:00 PM ETCompany ParticipantsCarl Drake - Head, Public Company, IRMichael Arougheti -. And without betraying their confidences, let me just say that what Michael and Nelly did for HOPE, and at the time they did it, was extraordinary. So when the markets get challenged, that's when our investment opportunity becomes the most attractive. Copyright 2018 | John Hope Bryant and JohnHopeBryantHoldings, LLC | All rights reserved. Certainly, Michael and Nelly would never say an external word. Ive come to learn that there are certain times when you have to lead from out in front, driving the business forward by leading the charge. Explore historical records and family tree profiles about Michael Arougheti on MyHeritage, the world's family history network. now if I can only get you to co-write my current one. Mr. Arougheti is a Co-Founder of Ares and the Chief Executive Officer and President, as well as a Director of Ares Management Corporation. this connects so much to was you said on monday in the call about "executive presence" when you mentioned "project an image, a feeling, an ambiance" when you gave tips for everyday executive presence. Thats why I think that the opportunity to lead in this type of a crisis, as difficult as it is, is really a unique opportunity for anybody. That is probably the single biggest challenge that we will face as the company continues to grow and expand. How do you preserve that at scale? This is going to be top of mind for a lot of leaders this year and, I think, into next. Why do you think that is? This button displays the currently selected search type. Last updated: 2 February 2023 at 9:52pm EST. Join the conversation with your own take on these topics in the comments below. And to oversimplify what's a complex series of global flows, it really comes down to a global desire for durable yield. I couldn't agree more and we are seeing this in the field. ". Thats not how leadership is classically trained. So if you look over the last 20 years, we're seeing a meaningful increase in allocations on the part of institutional and retail investors to alternatives. We want to hear from you. So there are a lot of structural competitive advantages that we have as an alt manager, one of the largest is just the structure of our funds. Mike Arougheti, Ares Management LLC: Profile and Biography - Bloomberg Markets Live Now Bloomberg TV+ Bloomberg Markets The Close Romaine Bostick breaks down the day's top stories and trading. Michael J. Arougheti is an entrepreneur and businessperson who founded Ares Management Corp., Ares Management LP, Ares Management LLC and Ares Management Corp (Private Equity) and who has been the head of 8 different companies. He served two terms as Mayor of Atlanta, one of the fastest growing cities in the world. So Michael and his super talented author,wife Nelly (Bly) decided to do it personally, themselves. That was June, 2017. Leaders can see this crisis as a burden or an opportunity from a DE&I perspective. There is a big difference between June and September in terms of a reopening and increased mobility. Block by block amd piece by piece, we pulled the institutional fabric together that we now call The Promise Homes Company. A dream planted, but not much more. When you manage an organization through crisis, you learn a lot about yourself, but you also learn a lot about the organization that supports you. Picker: And you are not, is this typical for you? But at the same time, it was probably the most rewarding. They made a major commitment to the work of my life, but they did it without fanfare, without press release, and without any desire for their own recognition. Michael Arougheti is co-founder, chief executive officer and president, as well as a director of Ares Management Corp. And then the friendship came. I kind of laugh at that because culture and strategy go hand in hand. He is a member of the Ares Executive Management Committee, the Ares Enterprise Risk Committee and is on the Board of Directors of the Ares Charitable Foundation. Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. Similarly, our clients the folks who allocate capital to us are holding us accountable for change. Ares Management Corp. is engaged in providing investment management and consultancy services. Prior to joining Ares in 2004, Mr. Arougheti was employed by Royal Bank of Canada from 2001 to 2004, where he was a Managing Partner of the Principal Finance Group of RBC Capital Partners and a member of the firm's Mezzanine Investment Committee. Marko Gojanovic of One Sothebys International Realty represented the Frankels in the latest sale, and Reid Heidenry with the same firm represented Arougheti. As the President, Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder, and Director of Ares Management Corp, the total compensation of Michael Arougheti at Ares Management Corp is $12,665,700. And if so, do you think that the markets are already pricing that in? The Sharpe Angle: Ares Management CEO Michael Arougheti says this macro environment is 'like something we haven't seen before', Don't bet that the bottom is in for what were high-growth tech firms, private equity investors say, Ken Griffins hedge fund Citadel is up again in 2023 following a record year, Third Point's Daniel Loeb takes a passive stake in AMD. They purchased a total of 8,706,492 shares worth more than $85,604,376.84. For me. Direct Lending and Pathfinder Investment Committees, the Ares Equity Income Opportunity Strategy Portfolio Review Committee and the Ares Sports, Media and Entertainment Investment Committee. But when you go remote, youre effectively letting everybody into your home, whether thats the sights or sounds or just the challenges. He joined my board of directors for Operation HOPE, and later I joined his board, for a new publicly traded company called Ares Commercial Real Estate REIT. Thank you Michael Arougheti. And I think that's true for the publicly traded markets as well. So we're going in with more health than we typically would have when we're talking about recession risk, the order of magnitude that some people are anxious about. Ares Management co-founders Tony Ressler and Michael Arougheti provided founding investments and served on the company's investment committee until last year. Just life family. Information on this page was last updated on 2/15/2023. In the moment, I thought back to the first time I met Arougheti, in a 50,000-square-foot house (not his) (or mine) in Beverly Hills almost a decade ago. Helping me was certainly not his job, nor his calling or his role in life, but he never once made me feel like I was secondary to what was his primary. I'd subscribe to that podcast on a heartbeat, People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.. They didnt just fill the air with kind platitudes, they filled our bank account with the very resources we needed to go from surviving to thriving, to winning.

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